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Vivid Transcription provides a complete dictation and transcription solution. We offer an affordable transcription service to forward thinking businesses. We are transcription specialists covering all industries particularly business & media, legal, property, medical and financial transcription.

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Vivid Transcription provides specialized transcription support spanning many industries. Our services cover Advertising, Business Coaching, Charities Communication, Education Finance, Government, Infrastructure, Insurance

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Business Transcription

We provide all kinds of transcription solutions. instead of struggling with difficult accents, distortions, background noises and hours of editing, you can now save time, money and be more productive by outsourcing your business transcription requirements to an experienced company providing professional transcription services to a highly satisfied clientele. Our professional transcriptionists have the attention to detail and skills required to produce accurate transcripts and provide timely delivery.

Legal Transcription

We provide various legal transcription services such as general correspondence, letters legal pleadings and interrogations brief and other Legal transcription services. The transcription work is done by experts and professionals in this field. They are trained and well educated legal secretaries and legal professionals.

Academic Transcription

 We cover all forms of academic transcription needs - conferences, one-to-one interviews, consumer research etc. If you want the services of a professional Transcription Service Company for your Academic Transcription needs we are more than happy to serve your needs 

Property Transcription

We provide property transcription services, such as  for Chartered Surveying, Estate Agents, Inventory Clerks and Expert Witnesses. Our clients trust us to produce quality audited transcription solutions that meet their exact needs 

Media Transcription

 We deliver competitively priced transcripts that are word-to-word time-synchronized and more  accurate, even in cases of poor audio quality, multiple speakers, difficult content, or accents. After your media files have been uploaded to our system they are processed by professional transcriptionists who leverage our advanced technology, process, and workflow.

Medico- Legal Transcription

With cross functional experience and focus our transcription team provides medical language expertise to personal injuries and workman's compensation legal cases. Our vast array of experience with independent medical evaluations (IME), medical record reviews (MRR) and medical chronologies documentation allows for seamless support of legal professionals and firms.

Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription solutions are delivered by our sister company Backofficemedicine. Backofficemedicine is a consortium of doctors with a cumulative experience exceeding 110 years within the medical profession, spanning most specialties including primary and tertiary care

Sermon Transcription

Reach your target audience with easy-to-read, printable copies of all your sermons. At Vivid Transcription, we deliver highest quality transcripts with a variety of options so your sermon transcript will be just right for your needs


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